Pleasanton Table Tennis Center



Welcome to join our center. We believe we can become your forever happy stop on your Ping Pong journey!



Pleasanton Table Tennis Center is located at the center of Pleasanton, from where you can easily travel to every corner of Bay area.



Whether you call it table tennis or ping pong, Butterfly has it. Paddles, balls, tables and accessories from Butterfly.

Pleasanton Table Tennis Club Safety Rules

The club follows a friendly and relaxed environment.  All level s are welcomed to play.

There are no reservations for the tables.  Please fee l free to move onto any open table.  Please show respect to club staff and other players.

  1. Please sign in at the reception upon arrival.
  2. Players must wear the ping-pong shoes when they enter the play area.
  3. For your safety, do not stand behind members when matches are in play.
  4. Alcoholic beverage and  tobacco are strictly prohibited.
  5. Do not jump pr hurdle the barriers between courts.
  6. Please park behind the building. If you park on the street, please park on the club side. Parking is Not allowed on the other side of the street.
  7. Youth under 12 must be supervised by an adult in all areas of the facility.
  8. The club is not responsible for lost or stolen personal articles.
  9. Participating in the facilities activities is at your own risk. The club is not responsible for any injuries.
  10. Members and guests are reminded not to hit the tables with their paddles.  Do not sit on the tables, or place any weight on them. Any inappropriate use of abuse of the club equipment may result in termination of privileges. Good sportsmanship is expected for all members.
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