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Pleasanton Table Tennis Center is located at the center of Pleasanton, from where you can easily travel to every corner of Bay area.



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New Online League Signup System

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We are about to implement automatic league system. Please register and signup for PTTC league events, please go to PTTC website at: and navigate to the “League Signup” menu.
It is very important for you to update your record and make sure you are able to sign in.  Otherwise, you cannot play.  You have one week to update.  If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at  I will try my best to answer your questions.  Please be patient with me since it is new to me as well.

To update your records:

condition:  You have played league in PTTC
1.  Username:  Your first name
2.  Password:  password
 To change the password:
1.  click the “My Account” on the top of menu
2.  click “change Password” type your password that you can remember and no one can access to your record (pls write it down)
 To update your profile:
1.  click “View my Profile”
2.  Click “e-mail” Edit box
3.  the e-mail box will be able to be edited so type your e-mail address in and hit the enter key once you enter it.  It is important to check if you type it correctly.  Otherwise, you will miss the important message.
4.  click “phone) edit box
5.  Type your phone # and do the same #3
6.  If you want to change the username, you also can do it.
  Many thanks to Su, Edmund and Robert to set up the online league signup system!
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